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1. New Homes

Helical Piles can support entire homes on either supporting concrete grade beams, slab on grade foundations and wood or steel beam structures. We have installed fully engineered and permitted Postech Pile Foundation systems for houses large and small in many municipalities across Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Cottages to larger homes are well within the capabilities of Postech’s experience, equipment and engineering. Remote sites, high water tables, fill sites, riparian areas, water front setbacks, tree root zones, archaeologically sensitive areas are all examples where pile foundations can save on site prep costs and building timelines. Many of these types of areas will only permit building with low impact foundation options such as screw piles.

All helical screw piles that we install are torque-monitored and engineer verified for capacity specific to each project. Our screw piles are installed with compact equipment that leaves minimal impact to your job site. A Postech Pile installed foundation lets you start building faster than other foundations, and helps to minimize site prep costs and timelines.

2. Cottages, Tiny Homes, Garden Suites, Modular and Container Homes

Small buildings such as cabins, tiny homes, garden suites, modular and container homes can either be craned on or be built directly on helical piles. Many of these types of buildings are located in remote locations, hard to access sites or in sensitive areas such as tree root zones making screw piles a perfect foundation solution.

3. Decks, Porches and Sunrooms

Fast installation of deck footings with no excavating, forming or concrete and our installation equipment has a very low impact on the site. We can provide a fully engineered pile plan that will meet building code and permitting requirements for deck or sunroom projects.

If you already have a deck foundation in place that is in need of repair, we can install piles under or through the existing deck to reinforce an existing deck structure with our versatile machines. Usually, removing just a few deck boards is enough for us screw the piles through the existing structure so it can be re-supported properly.

4. Additions and Garages

Postech helical piles are the ideal foundation solution for most houses extensions and garage/carport foundations. Piles can be installed with minimal impact to your existing structures and landscaping.

Our quick installation process, carried out with light and compact equipment, allows you to avoid excavation and begin building as soon as the installation of the helical/screw piles is complete. In addition, we can install them in all types of soils and spaces, even restricted ones that would normally be hard to access. With the help of our certified installers, Postech Screw Piles will support the foundation of your home addition or garage/carport for many years to come.

5. Solar Arrays

Foundations for ground mount solar arrays must be able to withstand the harshest weather conditions, have significant wind uplift capacity and have a long lifespan. Postech Piles are durable, hot dipped galvanized steel and offer a cost-effective low impact solution for anchoring ground mount solar arrays.

Our quick installation methods, using light weight and compact equipment, allows you to avoid excavation and site damage and begin assembling the array as soon as the installation of the helical piles is complete. We can install in all types of soils and sites with restricted spaces. Our certified installers will ensure that the piles are installed correctly so they will support your solar array for many years to come.

6. Tree Protection and Parks Trails and Boardwalks

Postech Pile installation machinery and processes are environmentally friendly ensuring we can install foundations without harming tree roots, sensitive ecosystems or harming riparian areas and wildlife habitats. Pile installation equipment is on tracks and combined with ground protection mats allows access to areas where other heavier excavation equipment would damage wetland areas or riverbeds and harm plant and animal species. Precise installation location of the piles guarantees minimal disruption to the ground and no harm to protected trees.

With increasingly stringent tree protection bylaws many municipality Arborists are not allowing excavation for concrete foundations for additions, back yard bungalows, laneway homes and garden suites due to potential damage to tree root zones. They will consider permitting pile foundations as an option for buildings in tree protection zones.

We have vast experience installing piles for boardwalks, nature trails, and footbridges for many municipal parks, BC Parks and Parks Canada to enable access and enjoyment of sensitive areas while minimizing overall impact.

Our compact installation equipment can access many terrains with no damage to the environment, minimal noise, and no vibration. Our versatile machinery is able to maneuver around narrow and difficult-to-access areas, which is vital for habitat protection parks projects.

7. Archeologically Sensitive Sites

In BC there are many sites that are archeologically sensitive and require an archeological review prior to construction permitting and building approval. If the archeological review deems the location to have First Nations artifacts any excavation would require significant archeological process and costs.
Installation of screw piles does not disturb the soil nor bring artifacts to the surface and removes or greatly reduces the archeological process and costs.

8. Greenhouses

Planning to install a greenhouse in your back yard so you can grow vegetables year round? Greenhouses can be fairly lightweight but can be exposed to significant wind lift forces and Postech Piles not only hold the greenhouse up the piles also have uplift capacity making them a great foundation solution for greenhouses. The installation can be done quickly and will not cause damage to your landscaping and the structure can be erected immediately after once the piles are installed.

In the future if the greenhouse needs to be moved the piles can be removed and reused in it’s new location.

9. Stairs

To ensure the stability of a staircase, whether made of wood, aluminium or steel, the choice of a durable foundation is essential. Using screw piles often solves problems associated with installing foundations on sloping ground.

We have installed piles for a number of municipal parks staircases across the island.

10. Underpinning and Stabilizing Existing Structures

Postech Piles can be used for repairing undermined or sinking foundations. Postech Screw Piles can be installed beside footings and fastened to your existing foundation. Pile installation has no vibration that can cause further sinking of the structure and is cost-effective as it requires much less excavation steps and time than concrete underpinning. Helical piles are extendable so we can drill down to undisturbed soil at any depth that is capable of supporting the weight of the structure.