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Decks, Balconies, Porches, Boardwalks, Patios, Terraces, Verandas, Piers, Bridges

Postech Screw Piles are the very best support system for decks, porches, balconies, terraces, verandas, boardwalks, piers and/or light bridges. Vancouver Island Postech offers screw piles for nearly any building project you might have on the go. We supply a wide range of adjustable or fixed head adapters with our premium screw pile foundations. For supporting a concrete grade beam or ICF wall we supply specialized cement head adapters.

Fences, Privacy Walls, Retaining Walls

Postech Screw Pile systems are great for fences that will stand the test of time, our fittings are designed to keep the wood post out of the dirt for a longer lifespan. Screw piles also can provide for support of retaining walls where the ground is unstable or soft. Our installation equipment is lightweight and versatile helping us to install screw piles in nearly any location.

Homes, Cottages, Garages, Sheds, Carports, Rtms, Trailers, Bunk Houses, Hunting Shacks

Postech’s premium screw pile foundations for your home, cottage, garage, or shed are a cost effective and solid foundation system that will protect your structure from ground movement.

Our helical screw piles can be installed under existing cottages and are a permanent movement-free replacement for pad and post foundations. In remote areas such as the Gulf Islands Postech Screw Piles can provide a quick and cost effective long-term foundation solution.

Postech Screw Piles make excellent foundations for Mobile and Manufactured homes.

Sun Rooms, Home Additions, Solariums, Gazebos, Pergolas, Arbors

Postech Screw Piles provide foundation solutions for sunrooms, home addition projects and many other outdoor structures. Our guaranteed installation process is quick with very little impact to your site and you can build on them immediately with no curing time required. Since our piles are installed to undisturbed soil usually 6 feet deep or deeper your foundation will be on solid ground without digging!

Holding Tanks, Signs, Lamp Posts, Commercial Units, Silos, Flag Poles, Clotheslines, Stairs, Greenhouses, Warehouses

For all your light commercial or industrial needs, Postech Screw Piles can provide you with a solid, stable and long lasting screw pile foundation in challenging ground conditions. Our Thermal Piles are versatile and adaptable to suit many commercial or industrial foundation needs from greenhouses to warehouses or supporting a street sign or silo. We also offer a complete clothesline kit.

Foundation Repair, Underpinning

Postech can be used for repairing sloping or sinking foundations. Postech Screw Piles can be installed along side your home and fastened to your existing foundation using a specialized bracket. Our solution can be quite cost-effective and require much less excavation than traditional methods. Our heavy-duty helical piles are extendable so we can drill down to undisturbed soil that is capable of supporting the weight of the structure without excavating. We also offer foundation-lifting brackets, which make it possible to bring your home back to level.

Reinforcement, Stabilization and Leveling of Existing Structures

Postech Screw Piles can be installed under existing structures, providing a permanent a stable foundation. Our customers tell us we are “life savers” helping them to fix a structure at a price that is a fraction of what it would take to tear down and rebuild. There are various methods we can use to get screw piles installed under an existing structure.

Hot tubs and enclosures usually require extra support under decks that the original structure doesn’t have the capacity to support. We can install heavy-duty screw piles quickly and efficiently under existing decks to give them the load capacity capability without damaging your yard. Due to the height adjustment capability of our heads they can be used to level off existing decks.


Grade Beams on Postech Screw Piles

One of the most challenging situations in which to install a foundation is in the case of unstable soil. Typical foundations depend upon the strength of the soil to support the structure that is being built. Foundation stem walls and footers transfer the building’s weight to the ground. The footer is constructed wider than the stem wall in order to spread the weight out, so that the ground can support it better.

When the ground is not able to support the necessary weight, the most common method of constructing a foundation is to use a grade beam. These concrete beams, which can either be above the ground or below the surface, transfer the weight of the building to support piles of one type or another.

In addition to using grade beams for supporting structures built on unstable or soft ground, they may also be needed in some industrial applications, to support heavy equipment or isolate it from vibration.

For concrete beams to function as grade beams, they must be constructed extremely rigid, with minimal deflection. This is different than designing other foundations, which are predominantly intended to transfer weight to a footer. Concrete, like any stone is naturally strong in compression but weak in tension, to compensate for this weakness, the beams must be strengthened extensively with rebar along their bottom side. This prevents the load of the building from causing cracking in the grade beam.

Postech Screw Piles make a superior choice of support for grade beams, rather than driven or concrete piles. The ease of installation of Postech screw piles, along with their inherent strength supports the load from the grade beams effectively, making a secure foundation that just won’t move.

When using concrete piles in unstable soil conditions, the excavation needed can be quite extensive. The lack of stability of the soil itself causes a high probability of a bored hole collapsing. This problem is eliminated with screw piles, as no hole has to be bored. When using driven piles in unstable soil, the piles have to be driven deep, until they hit bedrock or some other stable support, adding considerable cost. This problem is also eliminated with screw piles, which don’t have to be driven as deep as driven piles.