About Vancouver Island Postech

Serving Vancouver Island and Projects Throughout British Columbia

We have a vision to introduce Postech Screw Piles and their product line of helical screw piles and fittings to British Columbia. Postech products are Canadian made and we have a nation wide dealership, support and training network.

As a member of Postech’s market leading team of dealer/installers we intend to make the benefits of our proven product line available as a foundation option and solution to all of British Columbia. As a piling supplier and installer to the region we will work hard to become BC’s first choice for screw piles. Our goal is to provide all customers with a quality of product and customer service never before seen in the piling industry.

Although Postech Screw Piles are a great and proven product; customer referrals and word-of-mouth are very important for our business. We will go the extra mile to earn your referrals by providing the best level of responsive customer service for all projects.

Customer Value

Our specialized equipment has been engineered and designed to ensure minimal to no disturbance to a customer’s property and a rapid and accurate install each and every time. We can also install in nearly all weather conditions and because no curing is necessary, you can build on Postech piles the moment they are installed.

Our trained, courteous and knowledgeable installers ensure a precise and professional installation each and every time.

Our products have been tested and approved to national CSA standards by CCMC and CMHC for use in nearly all construction projects.

We install according to hydraulic torque monitoring, which ensures load capacity requirements are met. Our certified technician will, if necessary, extend the pile and drill as deep as necessary to achieve the desired load capacity. This eliminates guesswork for achieving load capacities and removes the risk of over or under depth estimating.

Due to the strength and quality of the Postech product line, projects often require less of our piles vs. competing solutions such as ground anchors or concrete piles.