Additional Services

Mini Excavation Services

Our professional operators offer grading, relocation of soil, snow removal, excavation in a tight spot, trenching, or other services which can be provided with our mini-excavator.

Tree Stump Grinding

Since 1995, we have provided fast, effective and competitively priced low-impact stump removal for many residential and business clients. Please call 250-812-5439 for a free and timely quote. Our services are insured and professional. Save your time and money (and your back) for other projects!

We use Vermeer tree stump grinding machines that has cutter wheel tipped with carbide teeth to grind the stump well below soil level, and in many cases along root lines. The chips and soil remaining make great mulch.

  • Fast: Minutes for small stumps
  • Small to Giant: From fruit trees/hedging to “old growth”, hard and soft woods
  • Hard to reach areas: Fits through a 3′ garden gate, up ramps and between plantings and onto rock walls and staircases
  • Low Impact: Our equipment is self-propelled on low-impact tires to have minimal disturbance to surrounding grass and planted area